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ГДЗ к учебнику Spotlight 5. Student's Book


Starter Unit 

Module 1. School days

1a. School!

1b. First day!

1c. Favourite subjects

1d. Culture Corner. Schools in England

English in Use 1

Extensive Reading 1

Progress Check 1

Module 2. That’s me!

2a. I’m from…

2b. My Things

2c. My collection

2d. Culture Corner. UK souvenirs

English in Use 2

Extensive Reading 2

Progress Check 2

Module 3. My home, my castle

3a. At home

3b. Move in!

3c. My bedroom

3d. Culture Corner. A Typical English House

English in Use 3

Extensive Reading 3

Progress Check 3

Module 4. Family ties

4a. My family!

4b. Who’s who

4c. Famous people

4d. Culture Corner. American TV Families

English in Use 4

Extensive Reading 4

Progress Check 4

Module 5. World animals

5a. Amazing creatures

5b. At the zoo

5c. My pet

5d. Culture Corner. Furry Friends

English in Use 5

Extensive Reading 5

Progress Check 5

Module 6. Round the clock

6a. Wake up!

6b. At work

6c. Weekends

6d. Culture Corner. Landmarks

English in Use 6

Extensive Reading 6

Progress Check 6

Module 7. In all weathers

7a. Year after year

7b. Dress right

7c. It’s fun

7d. Culture Corner. The Alaskan Climate

English in Use 7

Extensive Reading 7

Progress Check 7

Module 8. Special days 

8a. Celebrations

8b. Master chef

8c. It’s my birthday!

8d. Culture Corner. Thanksgiving

English in Use 8

Extensive Reading 8

Progress Check 8

Module 9. Modern living 

9a. Going shopping

9b. It was great!

9c. Don’t miss it!

9d. Culture Corner. Busy spots in London

English in Use 9

Extensive Reading 9

Progress Check 9

Module 10. Holidays 

10a. Travel & leisure

10b. Summer fun

10c. Just a note

10d. Culture Corner. All aboart

English in Use 10

Extensive Reading 10

Progress Check 10

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