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Module 1. Who’s who?

1a. Family Members

1b. Who are you?

1c. My country

1d. Culture Corner. The United Kingdom

English in Use 1

Extensive Reading 1

Progress Check 1

Module 2. Here we are!

2a. Happy Times

2b. My place

2c. My neighbourhood

2d. Culture Corner. Famos streets

English in Use 2

Extensive Reading 2

Progress Check 2

Module 3. Getting around

3a. Road safety

3b. On the move

3c. Hot wheels

3d. Culture Corner. Getting around in London

English in Use 3

Extensive Reading 3

Progress Check 3

Module 4. Day after day

4a. Day in, Day out

4b. How about…?

4c. My favorite day

4d. Culture Corner. Teenage life in Britain

English in Use 4

Extensive Reading 4

Progress Check 4

Module 5. Feasts

5a. Festive time

5b. Let’s celebrate

5c. Special days

5d. Culture Corner. The Highland Games

English in Use 5

Extensive Reading 5

Progress Check 5

Module 6. Leisure activities

6a. Free time

6b. Game on

6c. Pastimes

6d. Culture Corner. Board Games

English in Use 6

Extensive Reading 6

Progress Check 6

Module 7. Now & then

7a. In the past

7b. Halloween Spirit

7c. Famous firsts

7d. Culture Corner. The Man of Steel

English in Use 7

Extensive Reading 7

Progress Check 7

Module 8. Rules & Regulations 

8a. That’s the rule

8b. Shall we?

8c. House Rules

8d. Culture Corner. Building Big

English in Use 8

Extensive Reading 8

Progress Check 8

Module 9. Food & Refreshments 

9a. Food & Drink

9b. On the menu

9c. Let’s cook!

9d. Culture Corner. Places to eat in the UK

English in Use 9

Extensive Reading 9

Progress Check 9

Module 10. Holiday Time 

10a. Holiday plans

10b. What’s the weather like?

10c. Weekend fun

10d. Culture Corner. The Edinburgh Experience

English in Use 10

Extensive Reading 10

Progress Check 10

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